Authorized Chrysler Collision

As part of Chrysler Group’s new Authorized Certified Collision Repair Facility program, New Look Collision Center will provide quality Chrysler collision repair, service and parts for your car.

Last year, Tony Brenders, vice president of technical service operations, Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer care brand, said Mopar would be changing the entire ownership experience of their vehicles.

Mopar Certified Collision Repair

He added this program is another important step forward for Chrysler customers. The program helps ensure work performed will be to the highest level of quality.

Authorized Chrysler Collision Repair Defined

We understand as an auto body shop, consumers have many choices to service their car. There are more than 40 key business standards set forth by Chrysler to obtain this certification including:

  • Attaining and maintaining I-CAR Gold Class Professional shop status (New Look Collision Center is, and in many instances, have mechanics who are Platinum Certified)
  • Owning and utilizing squeeze type resistance spot welding equipment, which duplicates the original assembly process (New Look Collision Center has certified welders on staff with an inverter welder which duplicates factory type spot welds)
  • Being tested to rigorous standards to duplicate the factory applied paint’s durability (New Look Collision Center has paint booths for factory type paintwork with baking capabilities, a computer assisted frame rack and wheel alignment rack on premises, as well as written Limited Lifetime Warranties)

New Look Collision Center also must utilize Chrysler-approved refinish materials, which have been tested to rigorous standards to duplicate the factory applied paint’s durability.

Also, utilization of structural straightening equipment including the ability to perform three-dimensional measurements to confirm all damage has been corrected is employed.

What is Chrysler Recognition?

New Look Collision Center also qualifies for being a Chrysler Recognized Certified Collision Repair Facility by having specific signage as well as making sure customers have their claims and repairs handled in an expedient manner. Utilizing Chrysler-approved repair procedures and parts, we pride ourselves on getting customers back in their vehicles and on the road as quickly as possible.

Some of Chrysler’s Certification states:

  • A Write Certificate of Authenticity will be created for the customer’s records
  • An update to the CARFAX vehicle report showing 100-percent OE parts were used in the repair
  • A Chrysler Recognized Certified Collision Repair Facility made the repairs

This helps preserve the post-collision value of the vehicle.

Chrysler is only one of 7 automakers for which New Look Collision Center is certified. ASE and I-Car Certified mechanics’ annual training has led to I-CAR PLATINUM Class Professionals working on your Chrysler. The entire shop is “Gold Class” Certified and Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles “Class A Certified”.