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As a true iconic american brand, we decided to share some history of Chevrolet with all of you die hard Chevy fans. As you are most likely aware of, the Chevrolet line has seen many changes in automobiles over the last several decades. About the same time Scottsdale was coming into its own, Chevy was leading the way during the 1950’s with the Chevrolet Bel-Air. The company then led the charge in the 1960’s with the muscle car movement. Chevrolet perfected one of its signature cars, the Corvette, during the 1970’s while simultaneously being forced to deal with the energy crisis. In the 1980’s, Chevrolet further cemented their dominance of the automobile manufacturing industry. This dominance continued until a few years ago when virtually every car manufacturer in the United States saw a rapid decline in sales. Chevrolet’s very existence was threatened for a period of time. However, the company came back stronger than ever and is once again manufacturing automobiles that will no doubt go down in history as some of the most unique and sought after cars available on the market, and it’s our state of the art Scottsdale auto body shops job to keep them that way when ever their exterior needs attention.

Despite the financial problems that Chevrolet has seen in recent years, they never lost sight of their original goal. The company refused to lose its focus and it refused to be bought out. Instead, the auto manufacturer rolled the dice and is now reaping the benefits of consistently producing some of the best vehicles in the nation. Today, Chevrolet produces many vehicles that fit well into a cost and energy conscious society. Cars such as the Volt, Sonic, and the Aveo are excellent options for those who are looking to reduce both ownership and fuel costs as much as possible. Furthermore, the company has not forgotten about producing a quality family sedan. The Chevrolet Impala definitely fits the bill, by combining respectable fuel economy with more leg room and amenities that will complement a family well. Last but certainly not least, Chevrolet has once again established itself by building unique and interesting automobiles such as the new versions of the Corvette and the Camaro. Both models bring back memories of the muscle car age.

It is extremely difficult to pinpoint one single automobile that Chevrolet is famous for. We see them all over the streets of Scottsdale. It is more likely that it can be considered a draw between the Corvette and the Camaro. Both cars have a long and rich history and both cars have seen a recent resurgence that is practically unequaled. Each different automobile is automatically recognizable on the road and both makes of cars practically have a cult following. In short, Chevrolet has developed vehicles that have become key figures in automotive history for decades, and they will likely continue to do so in the future. Their unique ability to develop a vehicle that fits each and every individual is part of what makes Chevrolet so successful. There is little doubt that they will continue to be successful in future years as the automotive industry continues to evolve. Because Chevy continues to evolve at a rapid pace, its important that you use only auto body shops in Scottsdale that are committed to training and equipment that adapts to the new models just as quickly.

Due to the unique auto body  design and appearance of many of Chevrolet’s automobiles, it is vitally important that the correct Scottsdale collision facility any time collision damage or storm damage occurs to your Chevy. If the finish of a Chevrolet vehicle is marred in any way, the very essence of the vehicle can be adversely affected. Therefore, it is important to contact our Scottsdale collision repair center to properly fix the damage. New Look Collision is the ideal place to bring your Chevrolet if there has been any type of damage to the vehicle for any reason. In no time, you will have your beloved automobile back on the road, looking as good as it did when it came off the showroom floor. Make an appointment with New Look Collision today so you and your car can take on the road once again.

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