Faulty Air bags cause accidents

Faulty Airbags Cause Collisions

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Faulty Air Bags Japanese car supplier, Takata, recalled millions of vehicles with defective, inflator parts that, in the event of a crash, could deploy the air bag and shoot metal fragments into the vehicle’s occupants.  The recall was originally announced in June 2013 and applied to only six makers, but in recent months, many more automakers have recalled their vehicles. A Toyota …

breaking into a car

Tips To Protect Your Valuables Inside Your Car

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Most thieves who steal valuables from cars are casual opportunists and not professional thieves. They usually watch a parking lot or watch people leaving their cars. Then they decide whether any perceived risk is worth what they might gain from stealing items from a car. There are ways to protect your valuables inside your car that don’t take much effort. …

fender bender

What Should You Do For Minor Car Accidents?

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When you’ve been in a minor car accident, the first thing that you might think to do is call the police to file a report.  That would’ve been accurate a year ago. But this past spring, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police announced they will no longer respond to non-injury fender benders. Therefore, the burden of proof is squarely on the drivers involved …


Items To Include In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

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Today’s sophisticated automobile is the most reliable that was ever built. Sometimes these vehicles can completely shutdown and leave motorists stranded. You can also never know when you might be in a car accident. For these reasons why every car owner needs to keep emergency equipment in their vehicle at all times. What Should Be Included? Cell phone chargers. Nearly …

Did You Get Into A Car Accident In Las Vegas? Don’t Call The Police Because They’re Not Coming.

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Las Vegas police recently changed their policy regarding minor car accidents. Under the new policy, the police will no longer send an officer to the scene of a minor car accident. Because of this change, you need to know what to do if you are in a minor accident in Las Vegas. The first thing you should do after your …

Highway Glare

Protect Yourself From Sun Glare… The Secret Road Hazard!

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Driving at night, through heavy fog, sleet, heavy snowfall or thunderstorms are just a few hazardous scenarios that can impair a driver’s vision and cause accidents. Most drivers do not usually consider the vision problems they could have while driving on a bright sunny day, but that’s exactly what can happen as a result of sun glare. Accidents caused by …

Wear Your Seat Belt… Your Safety Depends Upon It!

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At New Look Collision Center, we see vehicles every day that have sustained tremendous damage in accidents. Your vehicle can be repaired or replaced, but the people who are in your car can not. You cannot control everything that happens on the road, but there are plenty of things that you can do to increase your chances of arriving at …