Car Seat Safety Tips Infographic

Car Seat Safety Tips [Infographic]

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Embed this infographic on your site Car Seat Safety Tips Infographic Summary According to Safe Kids Worldwide, car seats (when used correctly) can reduce the risk of death by up to 71%. However, 3 out of 4 car seats are not used correctly or at all. Types of Car Seats Rear-Facing – Babies start with this car seat until they reach …

Are bigger or smaller cars safer?

Are Bigger or Smaller Cars Safer?

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Everyone hates a car accident. It’s nerve-racking, car-wrecking, and wallet-smashing all in one go. To top it all off, a collision can be a stress on your budget, too. However, the one thing to keep in perspective is safety. If no one was hurt, your poor vehicle did its job. So how do you ensure that the car you choose …

Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

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Did you know road rage accounts for 33% of car accidents caused by driver error? It is an alarming statistic because the calmest person can fall victim to acting out in anger. You would think that with stakes as high as this, road rage would be considered a crime with harsh punishment. However, that isn’t always the case.

Woman caught texting in her car

Texting and Driving Causes Car Accidents

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The number of car accidents driving their way up the statistics. Cars are made to be safer than ever, but it seems that texting and driving has led to an abnormally large amount of accidents in the past decade. This trend of accidents has put a normally-safe and cautious American driving record in peril when compared to other nations. Americans may …

Senior Driver Lady

Senior Driver Safety Issues

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Senior Drivers Driving safety is an issue that affects every driver, but it seems that the number of collisions caused by or involving senior citizens in the United States is higher than those of middle-aged or younger drivers. A report by (an online organization that supports caregivers of our elderly) stated that “In 2015, drivers aged 65 and over were …

Bad Driving Habits

Hands-Free Car Technology for Safer Driving

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Hands-Free Technology In Your Car Today’s cars are brimming with hands-free technology. Hands-free is now one of the most popular forms of automotive upgrades. It started with the hands-free phone, but nowadays most of the technology in automobiles can be controlled without the use of hands. That includes the audio system, personal navigation devices, temperature controls, and a variety of …

Teen Driver with Parent

Guiding Teens Beind The Wheel; Keeping Us All Safe.

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A teenager, behind the wheel of a car, is at an increased risk of causing a serious car accident. While true, if you properly prepare your child for the road, you can avoid problems and enjoy peace of mind. Otherwise, if you do not take a proactive approach to the situation, you may find yourself receiving that dreaded call saying …

infant in carseat

A Few Safety Tips When Driving With Children and Pets

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When you are driving precious cargo, such as children and for many a pets, it is important to exercise precaution to avoid damage from auto accidents. Many parents and pet owners are not aware of all the special laws and regulations that are in place specifically to keep children and animals safe while traveling in vehicles. Here are some basic tips that you …

Angry Driver

Are you a rude driver?

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Who are the rudest drivers in America? performed a survey in 2014 about the top 10 states with the rudest drivers. Nevada ranked second in the survey. The survey polled 2,000 drivers from all 50 states. The most common complaints were drivers speeding, talking on the phone, blocking traffic from merging and changing lanes, or just being rude (road …