steps to take after a car accident checklist

Steps to Take After a Car Accident Checklist

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Car accidents happen to all of us at one time or another. No matter how careful of a driver you are, you can’t account for everyone else on the road. Fender benders, crunches, and pile ups are so surprising and sudden, it’s hard for a person to remember all the things you need to do to protect yourself after a …

will a car accident void the warranty

Does a Car Accident Void the Warranty?

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Warranties carry with them the promise of effortless solutions—an assurance that someone has your back if there is a problem. They do bear a lot of confusion, though. Some warranties are comprehensive while others only cover specific parts or problems. Others are easily voided, with strict requirements that, depending on the attention paid while reading it, an average owner might …

Are bigger or smaller cars safer?

Are Bigger or Smaller Cars Safer?

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Everyone hates a car accident. It’s nerve-racking, car-wrecking, and wallet-smashing all in one go. To top it all off, a collision can be a stress on your budget, too. However, the one thing to keep in perspective is safety. If no one was hurt, your poor vehicle did its job. So how do you ensure that the car you choose …

what to do after a fender bender

What To Do After A Fender Bender [Guest Post]

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Have you ever been involved in a minor collision, such as a fender bender? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately, car accidents are a common occurrence with millions of incidences, from minor fender benders to major collisions, being reported each year. These accidents can be nerve-racking, raising many questions regarding what to do in the aftermath of the collision.

diy ways to fix car dents

Fact or Fiction: 5 Low-Cost DIY Ways to Remove Car Dents

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It’s a lovely day, and you decide to drive to the park to catch some much-needed sun. Upon arrival, you signal to make a left turn to enter and smoothly drive right into the pole in the middle of the entrance. You are so baffled and bewildered that you hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. The resulting crunch …

car bumper repair cost

How Much Will Car Bumper Repair Cost?

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Bumper damage occurs in a majority of fender benders. Even though car bumper repair cost varies, consider having the car bumper repaired as soon as possible. Front or rear bumper damage is unsightly and can negatively impact the value of your vehicle. Concerned about the costs of repairing bumper damage? Get started with a free bumper repair estimate → *Providing …

where can i get my car fixed in las vegsa

Where Can I Get My Car Fixed in Scottsdale After an Auto Collision?

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After an auto collision you probably notice some significant damage and  have questions concerning your vehicle’s fate. Some of your first thoughts may be to have your car immediately towed to a junkyard. You could even wonder if the damage can be repaired or even, “Where can I get my car fixed?” Despite the damages, your car may be repairable. …

two cars in collision with possible frame damage

What Does Frame Damage Mean For Your Car?

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The frame of a vehicle is one of the most important safety features that it has. The frame of an automobile is designed to be the skeleton of the car, giving it its shape as well as protecting the occupants from all sorts of dangers. Ideally, frames are built to interact with other safety features in order to provide a …

happy customer inspecting outside of car after investing in major collision repair

5 Reasons to Repair, Not Replace, After a Major Collision

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A major collision can cause quite a bit of calamity in your life and even financial stress, but with a good plan of action, you can bounce back and be on your feet in no time. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what to do about your wheels. Hopefully, you’ll get a nice insurance check to …

photograph of damaged car from the back

4 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Collision Repair Center

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Whether your vehicle got into a serious traffic accident on the highway or the tree in your yard fell on your car during a storm, you probably need the services of a collision repair center. You may be wondering what your next steps will be and who you should call to service your car. While a normal auto repair shop …