woman who noticed damage on her car and needs auto scratch repair

4 Things to Consider When You Get Auto Scratch Repair

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It seems a law of the universe that your car’s paint attracts damage in inverse proportion to its age. That is, the newer, more pristine the paint, the more power it has to attract shopping carts, keys, other car doors, stiff shrubs, bumpers and dog claws. Minor scratches to the clear coat often require little more than a polishing to …

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10 Common Auto Paint Repair Problems: Top Causes and How to Prevent Them

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Make no mistake: painting a vehicle is a precise job that should be left to the right professionals. They’ll give you a perfect paint job and make your car look like new. No matter which auto body shop you choose, make sure you get the services performed in writing and double-check that they include a warranty. To prevent a less-than-satisfactory …

Sun Damage on Car Paint

A Sun Bleached Car Ain’t So Stylish

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Sun-Damaged, Faded Car Paint a Constant Pain in Vegas The sun shines approximately 300 days a year in Scottsdale, AZ. Constant exposure like that can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint job, causing oxidation and colors to fade. Over time, the sun’s ultra violet rays reduce the gloss of your vehicle’s finish; especially on the trunk, roof, and hood.  Direct sunlight …

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What Is An Orange Peel Paint Job?

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A flawless paint job requires expertise and experience. When certain incorrect painting techniques are used, the result is an “orange peel paint job”. This undesirable effect describes an uneven paint surface due to paint droplets drying before they flow evenly. The paint looks like the skin of an orange, and feels rough and “bumpy” to the touch. There are several …

Audi S3 Five New Colors

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Audi S3 Super Limited Edition We can hop into any form of time machine and rediscover the days when we were easily excited by the notion of new. New toys, new friends, new shoes, you name it. Throw in vibrant variety of color and it was game over. There is something about color that grabs hold of you. Think from …

Why get your car painted at New Look Collision Center

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Cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs are more than just transportation. They are a personal investment. Often times, they end up being our little home-away-from-home at least that’s what it tend to feel like with the amount of time we spend in and out of them. When your car’s color has been ruined due to an accident, vandalism or age, your …