breaking into a car

Tips To Protect Your Valuables Inside Your Car

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

Most thieves who steal valuables from cars are casual opportunists and not professional thieves. They usually watch a parking lot or watch people leaving their cars. Then they decide whether any perceived risk is worth what they might gain from stealing items from a car.

breaking into a car

There are ways to protect your valuables inside your car that don’t take much effort. One of the first ways is to be selective about where you park. At night especially, it’s always best to look for a well lighted spot, one that is positioned where if they break a window or break into the car, they could be seen.

Choose Public Areas To Park

Thieves will think twice if you park in an area that is busy, with people coming and going from their vehicles. They will also be deterred if there is a parking attendant watching over the parking area. When a thief targets a car, he wants one that is easy to get in and out of, while drawing the least amount of attention.

Keep All Doors Locked

Always keep doors locked, whether you are inside the car or have just parked it. Double check to be sure the car is securely locked. If you make this a habit each time, it becomes second nature. Be sure you know about safety features that are unique to your vehicle. Some cars automatically lock after several seconds, others let you know if they’re locked with flashing lights.

Take Valuables With You Or Keep Them Out Of Sight

Take valuables like cell phones and keys with you. If you must have other valuables in the car like laptops, tablets or CD’s, hide them securely before leaving your car. If you’re going to put things in the trunk, do it before you arrive at the parking spot. Thieves sometimes watch as people are leaving their car. They may be aware of what you’ve put in your trunk. Never leave valuables on a seat or out in the open like on the dashboard. Even placing them on a floor is risky since thieves sometimes operate by walking past vehicles and looking into them, before deciding whether to strike.

If you do become a victim of theft and your car has been damaged, the smart move is to call New Look Collision Center for prompt professional repairs. By following these helpful tips, you and your valuables will be safer.