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Why are Car Headlights Important?

In the state of Nevada, it is illegal to drive with your headlights out or with just one headlight.
Each passenger car must have a pair of working headlights. You can be pulled over if your car is a down to one headlight or  if your headlights do not produce enough illumination.
You also need to have your headlights on between one half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise, or at any time when weather conditions produce visibility of less than 1,000 feet.   You will also find regulations on the books about how many fog lamps a car can have and how bright they can be, but these regulations are not of the biggest concern to most drivers.

One Car Headlight


The point is that you have to have headlights that work. So, if yours are yellowed, heavily scratched,cloudy or wrecked in a collision, that means you cannot see the road around you in ideal conditions, but perhaps just as importantly, other drivers cannot see you as well, either.

Headlights in Need of Restoration

Do your headlights suffer from heavy yellowing? Over time, the plastic outer lenses that protect our headlights get damaged by the Vegas sun, leading to diminished performance.  You will notice that you can not see as well with your headlights on as you used to. In other cases, headlights get clouded from desert dust, dirt and grime that builds up over time. Scratching your headlights also lead to a condition where the bulb cannot shine at its brightest, and your lighting performance will suffer.
Headlight Bulb for Car

Smoky, Yellowed or Scratched Headlights

The first option on the table when your headlights fail is complete replacement. Sadly, this is not cost-effective, as the outer plastic units that house headlight bulbs can cost hundreds of dollars.  An easier, better and more cost-effective solution is headlight restoration.

Here, a technician uses a special compound that restores the translucent shine your headlights need to operate at their best. Buffing the headlights removes the outer yellowing and scratching, restoring a clear, shining appearance and allowing your headlights to shine three to four times brighter than before the process while enhancing visibility by up to 140 percent.

At the same time, the technician will replace the bulbs with new ones to maximize brightness. It is a simple process, and much less costly than a complete headlight replacement, but many Nevada drivers put off headlight restoration while driving around in dangerous or even illegal conditions that could lead to a wreck.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of headlight restoration is typically much lower than the cost of a complete headlight lens replacement. While replacement can run as much as $400 for each side, a simple headlight restoration can get you out the door with much better illumination for well under $100 with that treatment covering both headlights.

Contact one of our friendly staff for a Free Price Quote, or to make an appointment today to finally have those old, yellowed and foggy headlights taken care of. You cannot put a price on safety, and you will quickly find that headlight restoration is one of the easiest and cost-effective measures you can take to keep you and your family safe behind the wheel.

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