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As heartbreaking as it is, we all know the story. There you were just minding your own business at a stop sign, when out of nowhere someone slammed into the back of your vehicle. Now your bumper is smashed to pieces and your car looks terrible. Well, good for you! You might find it hard to believe, but your bumper did it’s job perfectly. Because your bumper took most of the damage, the main body of your car is most likely fine. Don’t worry about the cosmetic damage to your bumper. Chances are that your bumper can be easily fixed and showroom ready.

Why Is Car Bumper Protection Important?

Car bumpers are designed to take most of the damage in an everyday fender bender and other small collisions. Your bumper is made to crumple and crack so that the main body of your vehicle has a better chance of staying undamaged. This is why having both front and back bumpers is so critical. Having intact bumpers can save your car from damage in the most common collisions.

front bumper repair scratch

Is There a Difference Between Front and Back Bumper Functionality?

Front and back bumpers are both important for different types of accidents or collisions. Back bumpers tend to protect your vehicle from other motorists. No one likes getting “rear-ended,” but it’s often out of our control. Front bumpers are made to be less damaging to other vehicles or even to pedestrians who may cross in traffic. Since both bumpers protect you and your car, it can be hard to determine which is the most critical to have.

So which bumper is more important, the front or the back? Well both parts serve a purpose. However since most motion in a car is forward, it makes sense that a front bumper will help in the event of a front end collision. Front bumpers help to distribute the kinetic energy in a crash, protecting your car and your passengers.

Can You Repair Bumper Damage Without Replacing the Bumper?

Small bumps and scrapes can absolutely be repaired on a bumper without necessarily having to replace the entire piece. This is much less expensive than a replacement of the entire bumper. A certified technician will be able to use specialized tools, putty, replacement insulation and custom paint to have your bumper appear brand new. This repair not only restores the looks of your vehicle, but it may also help in the event of another collision or scrape.

What’s Involved in Car Bumper Repair?

A lot of what applies to dent repair applies to bumper repair. More often than not, if they’re hit real hard, we just replace them. There are plastic tabs and things that we can’t repair.

Most bumpers these days are made out of a handful of different composite plastics. We have a limit of a few hours to work on those without getting to the point to realize they have to be replaced. Sometimes a little heat and repair putty can make them as good as new.

This allows for a simple easy non-time consuming repair that, more often then not, turns out great.

How Different Is Bumper Repair Depending on the Auto Maker?

Are bumpers designed more for safety, looks, or reliability? The bumper cover is there for cosmetics and aerodynamics, not car safety:

  • Bumpers have no structural value to the car
  • The structure is in the bumper reinforcements (the fiberglass or hardened steel underneath the plastic cover)
  • The fiberglass reinforcements usually are what gets the most repair work and TLC when you bring you car in
  • The reinforcement bar is the most important part of the bumper (without it, you may as well not have a bumper at all)
  • Whether your car comes from Detroit or Japan, bumper reinforcement bars are pretty much universal

“The laws have come to the point where most bumpers have to meet certain standards and are designed the same whether they be foreign or American.” This creates a standard that allows for easy repair and also assures you that your bumper is always going to do its job in an accident.

No matter whether your car is a foreign or domestic model, we can provide you with a free estimate regarding your car bumper repair needs.

cracked scratched damaged bumper

What to Do When You Have a Cracked, Scratched, Loose, or Damaged Bumper

Having unsightly scrapes on your bumpers can really harm the beauty of your car. Fortunately, they may be easy and quick to fix. Some dents are more serious than others, but the best person to call is a trusted auto body technician. If your bumper is just loose or scraped, the repairs could be done quickly. A simple trip to your local collision center is all you need for an estimate.

How Much Will Bumper Repair Cost?

You may think that you won’t be able to afford bumper repair. Or maybe you think it’s not necessary, especially if the damage seems only to be cosmetic. Well the average cost for bumper repair can vary greatly. A small dent may be fixed for about $100 depending on a number of factors. Scrape and paint repair are also very affordable.

Remember, the cost of the repair will depend on the extent of the damage as well as the make and model of your car. More extensive damage would of course cost more. If it’s time to have your bumper looked at, call us for a free estimate. Our technicians would be happy to help you.

Damaged car bumper

Were you recently involved in an accident resulting in a damaged car bumper? New Look Collision Center guarantees your car bumper repair job will get your vehicle back to showroom new.

Current laws require all bumper repairs to meet certain standards, making sure your bumper does its job in an accident.

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