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Where Can I Get My Car Fixed in Scottsdale After an Auto Collision?

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After an auto collision you probably notice some significant damage and  have questions concerning your vehicle’s fate. Some of your first thoughts may be to have your car immediately towed to a junkyard. You could even wonder if the damage can be repaired or even, “Where can I get my car fixed?” Despite the damages, your car may be repairable. …

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Where Do Mystery Car Dents Come From?

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Have you ever walked outside to notice a superficial scratch or significant dent to your vehicle? You’re the only one who drives it, yet you haven’t backed into a pole or gotten rear-ended recently. You just really can’t fathom what would’ve caused the body damage. Related: 4 Things to Consider When You Get Auto Scratch Repair Where Do These Car Dents …

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5 Must-Have Automotive Apps for Drivers

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With over 1,600,000 apps in the iTunes App Store, it’s no wonder that the average person spends two hours every day looking at a smartphone. For vehicle owners, drivers and car enthusiasts, that number is about to kick up a notch. We’ve collected the top automotive apps that every driver ought to have. Must-Have Automotive Apps for Drivers From making …

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4 Things to Consider When You Get Auto Scratch Repair

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It seems a law of the universe that your car’s paint attracts damage in inverse proportion to its age. That is, the newer, more pristine the paint, the more power it has to attract shopping carts, keys, other car doors, stiff shrubs, bumpers and dog claws. Minor scratches to the clear coat often require little more than a polishing to …

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Scion Auto Body Repair: What to Look for When Choosing a Shop

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worker painting a car in a special painting box, wearing a white costume and a breathing helmet as protection gear Scion auto body repair is something that current owners of Scion vehicles may, unfortunately, require one day. When it comes to auto body repair, many people simply take what’s given to them because they don’t think there’s anything better. The power …

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OEM Recycled Materials versus Aftermarket Parts

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When it comes to car repair, there are options available for securing the materials needed to get the job done. There are the original manufacturers of auto parts and the company which makes the parts for them, and there are aftermarket parts, often cheaper in cost and more widely available. Read on to find some of the differences between the …

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What Does Frame Damage Mean For Your Car?

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The frame of a vehicle is one of the most important safety features that it has. The frame of an automobile is designed to be the skeleton of the car, giving it its shape as well as protecting the occupants from all sorts of dangers. Ideally, frames are built to interact with other safety features in order to provide a …