what to do after a fender bender

What To Do After A Fender Bender [Guest Post]

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Have you ever been involved in a minor collision, such as a fender bender? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately, car accidents are a common occurrence with millions of incidences, from minor fender benders to major collisions, being reported each year. These accidents can be nerve-racking, raising many questions regarding what to do in the aftermath of the collision.

the low down on car value depreciation

Car Value Depreciation After An Accident

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Guest Blog Author: Instamotor After an auto accident, the value of a car depreciates and we want to share with you the ways insurance companies evaluate the worth of the car after it has been damaged. Let’s say, knock on wood, the new car you’re driving that has full coverage from your insurance company gets rear-ended. If you decide to …

diy ways to fix car dents

Fact or Fiction: 5 Low-Cost DIY Ways to Remove Car Dents

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It’s a lovely day, and you decide to drive to the park to catch some much-needed sun. Upon arrival, you signal to make a left turn to enter and smoothly drive right into the pole in the middle of the entrance. You are so baffled and bewildered that you hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. The resulting crunch …

is it fraud not to use claim money for auto body repairs

Do I Have to Fix My Car With My Insurance Payout?

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The car accident was scary, and everyone is safe, but there is still severe damage to your vehicle. Right now money is a little tight, and you’re struggling to pay important bills. Now that you have the insurance claim check, you are wondering if you can use it for other things besides auto body repair. You have more pressing concerns …

how working with an audi-certified body shop benefits you

How Working with an Audi Certified Body Shop Benefits You

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New Look Collision is one of the only Nevada Authorized Collision Repair Centers that is recognized by Audi to provide you with the high quality standards that are required by this luxury manufacturer. Whether you have serious collision damage that needs repair or minor body work, such as a few dings and dents, when utilizing the services of an Audi-certified …

restore my classic car

Can an Auto Body Repair Shop Restore My Classic Car?

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What is a Classic Car? The exact definition of a ‘classic car’ varies by state and by automobile club. Not to be confused with older cars that fall into the ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’ classes, most agree that a classic is a ‘fine’ or ‘distinctive’ vehicle between 20 to 50 years old that has not been modified or altered.  How Should …

out of town car accident

What To Do After an Out of Town Car Accident

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Vacationing can be a great experience, if nothing goes wrong (the key word being ‘if’). Sudden sickness or the dreaded out of town car accident can turn a vacation or visit sour in the blink of an eye. Las Vegas sees its share of accidents each year and many of those involved in them live somewhere else. It’s not surprising …

auto repair horror stories

Have You Heard These Auto Repair Horror Stories?

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It is common and normal for a vehicle to develop a problem. However, it becomes rather scary to think of taking your automobile to a repair shop thanks to the numerous auto repair horror stories told of people who made the same move before. Auto Repair Horror Stories: Truth or Fiction? You spend your money hoping to have the problems …