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Top 10 Best Driving Songs

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The Best Driving Songs Of All Time

So you want to find the thrill of the open road, feel the wind in your hair and breathe in the smell of fresh-cut grass wafting in the open window. You want to recapture that feeling from when you got your very first driver’s license, and the freedom you just knew would go with it. There are certain driving songs that fondly bring back those youthful, exuberant memories in the best way.

Singing in Car

Some songs make you want to head bang like Garth and Wayne did along with Bohemian Rhapsody. Others make it hard to keep your foot softly on the gas, keeping yourself from getting a ticket, like Can’t Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. Songs like Radar Love by Golden Earring about your hands being wet on the wheel, driving all night and shifting gears make it feel as if you’re invincible and could drive forever.

A Great Song Playlist Makes Travel Time Fly

Whether you’re driving on a long road trip or a short one, certain songs just lift your spirit and make you want to keep driving, even if it’s just around the block! The low rumbling of a great bass line groove combined with the soft purring of a well-tuned engine is a captivating thing. It’s little wonder that some songs go so well with the allure of the road!

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Ten of the best songs we’ve found for stirring imaginations and jump-starting hearts while on the road include:

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run – Lyrics like “Sprung from cages out on highway nine, Chrome wheeled, fuel injected, and steppin’ out over the line” – make this song essential on a list of best driving songs.

AC/DC – Highway To Hell – Who can resist singing along while feeling like jumping during this classic? Although, jumping while attempting to drive on this one way ride might get you in trouble.

Prince – Little Red Corvette – No parking the car sideways here, it’s Little Red Corvette for a rambunctious good time all the way down the road!

Bon Jovi – You Give Love A Bad Name – Any song that starts “shot through the heart and you’re to blame” needs to be cranked up loud. Just watch that foot on the accelerator pedal, though, because it’ll have a tendency to want to hit the floor.

War- Low Rider – For a perfect soul blended with funk groove, you can’t go wrong with Low Rider “take a little trip with me,” along with some of the most memorable harmonica and saxophone grooves ever.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – From “Mama just killed a man” to “nothing really matters to me” this song will have you feeling every emotion under the sun and rocking along down the road with the quintessential 1970s arena rock band, Queen.

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Beach Boys – Fun, Fun, Fun – Who could ever forget having all that “fun, fun, fun ’til her Daddy takes the T-Bird away”? It’s enough to make you feel as if you’re driving “like an Ace.”

Commander Cody – Hot Rod Lincoln – No matter who sings this classic, the visions it brings to mind of telephone posts looking like picket fences while your shotgun rider is white as a ghost are everlasting to lovers of fast cars and hot rod enthusiasts.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Runnin’ Down A Dream – Every time you’re flyin’ down the highway singing along with your favorite tune, searching for sunny weather after cold that never seems to end you’ll remember this classic and smile.

Golden Earring – Radar Love – When you’re driving down the road hands wet on the wheel getting that magical “I need you here” radar vibe from your love, the first thing you want to do is step on it and go!

While it isn’t easy to pick the best road songs, it is easy to rediscover the incredible feelings of being transported to a different time and place when you hear them. Songs take you back to a time when life was easy, there was freedom in love and life was uncomplicated. The freedom of flying down the road was an essential part of that.