Take apart a car

Autobody Disassembly

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The Disassembling Process at an Auto Body Shop

Take apart a car

Disassembling a car for inspection on factory-quality Celette benches.

Disassembling a car for inspection on factory-quality Celette benches.[/caption]

Vehicles that have been in an auto collision often have undetected damage behind or underneath its body. When you obtain a free estimate from New Look Collision, you’ll find out what those damages are prior to paying for any repair work.  Inadequate repairs and body work that fail to address underlying problems could lead to future, more costly problems down the road.

Professional Disassembly and Inspection

Did you know that the amount of kinetic energy involved in even low-speed collisions can cause extensive harm to major, structural car parts?  The primary purpose for disassembly is to reveal hidden damage from a collision.   A complete inspection of the frame, brackets and inner structure will identify problems with wheel alignment and suspension.  Furthermore, damage to engine parts or mounts can be difficult to detect without proper tools.   Faulty wiring and compromised electrical systems are also common repairs that we catch during the disassembled inspection.

Disassembling Process

First, the area of impact on the car is carefully disassembled for inspection. It’s a tedious phase of the auto body process, and typically involves careful precision.  We remove the bumper, body panels and other major, structural components to perform a comprehensive inspection of the frame to rule out harm from an accident.

Next, our technicians inspect underneath the area of impact to see if other parts were broken, damaged or lost in the accident.  Remember, all damages are not readily noticeable with the naked eye. Internal damage affects car clips, engine parts, frame, brackets, inner structure, light bulbs and wiring. Cracked plastic parts are really common too.

In the final stages of disassembly, we wind up repeating the inspection, and coordinating  the repeat inspections with auto insurers since they are responsible for approving or denying coverage.

Informed Customers


Our full, disassembly report identifies problems or parts that you may not have been aware of before you give the green light to begin repair work.  Seeking repairs for a vehicle based on incomplete analyses of sustained damage quickly becomes far more expensive than drivers expect, rendering the car an unreliable, dangerous bet down the road.   Give New Look a call or submit pictures online

of your car’s dent for a free estimate within hours!