auto repair horror stories

Have You Heard These Auto Repair Horror Stories?

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auto repair horror stories

It is common and normal for a vehicle to develop a problem. However, it becomes rather scary to think of taking your automobile to a repair shop thanks to the numerous auto repair horror stories told of people who made the same move before.

Auto Repair Horror Stories: Truth or Fiction?

You spend your money hoping to have the problems fixed, but still, experience the same or even worse problems. You return your car to the auto repair shop again for fixing, but things don’t change. You end up wasting your time and money with no results to show.

The main issue often is going to auto repair shops that have incompetent technicians who are reckless, inexperienced and have little knowledge of car problems. Most of the times recurrence of car issues arise when the technician makes the wrong diagnosis.

There was a case of a Honda that had been overheating and was taken to an auto repair shop. The thermostat was replaced. After several days, the radiator cracked.

After it was replaced, the overheating problem still recurred and eventually the engine began losing its power.

The repairs were fine since changing parts is very easy, but the technicians are not keen to determine the root cause of the overheating which was the broken electric radiator fans.

There are also cases that have occurred where one takes their car to the mechanic and in the process of repairing the car, he breaks a part of the car. After a while, you start experiencing problems with your car, and you are forced to head back to the mechanic again. Other times you come across incompetent mechanics and due to being naïve, you let them handle your car.

With their lack of professionalism, they replace your car parts with old ones. As a result, your car starts having reduced performance and eventually breaks down costing you more.

If you are looking for a competent auto repair shop with qualified, highly skilled and certified mechanics, New Look is the place to visit. This auto repair shop is composed of the best technicians who always ensure that these terrible auto repair horror stories do not happen to you. The technicians are all certified meaning you can trust them for all your repair needs.

The technicians can handle repair for all car, trucks and SUV, makes and models. Whether its bumper removal, new paint, body straightening or dent removal, New Look are the best in the business.

Can These Situations Be Avoided?

These frightening horror stories can always be avoided. All it takes is for one to be keener and careful of who handles their car. It is always a good practice to visit trusted repair shops and not just any mechanic shop you come across. Find a way to be sure that the technicians and the mechanics in that repair shop are not just people with little knowledge masquerading, but they are highly skilled persons.

Ensure that they are certified before entrusting your car to them.

It is a good practice to take a photo of your vehicle before you take it for repairs. This is to ensure that you can easily know whether the mechanics have replaced your parts with an old one and to notice the changes made. Will be easier to hold the mechanics accountable in case of anything.

Try the technicians you think are trustworthy with minor services first and depending on how they handle the issues, make a judgment. If you are not impressed, move on and look for another trusted repair shop.

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