Dings and paint scratches

Fixing Poor Auto Body Shop Mistakes

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Inheriting Others’ Mistakes

No one likes to know they have been taken advantage of the first time around. Here at New Look Collision, we often face the frustrating mess of having to fix up someone else’s mistakes.
As a full-service collision repair center serving the Las Vegas, NV area, as well as Scottsdale, AZ, that takes pride in every car we touch, we are happy to help in these cases and can even help you get things sorted out with the insurance company from another body shop who has done a poor job.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that auto body technicians make, and what can be done about them.

1. Bad Color Matching

Cars come in an endless array of exterior paint shades.  Achieving a perfect color match is not easy, but it can be done.  We prove that time and time again.

Dings and paint scratches

Sadly, one of our most common customer complaints with vehicles brought in from other shops is a poor color matching. This problem is worsened by the fact that paint ages over time, so a panel matched with “factory new” may not look right compared with the rest of the car.

When you pick your car up from any body shop, ask to see the paint job in sunlight, or even better, in ultraviolet light, to make sure that the technicians have done a faithful job painting any panels that have needed repairs.

2. Overspray On Unpainted Areas

Look for areas of the vehicle that aren’t supposed to receive paint like mufflers and trim. If technicians have done a sloppy job with the masking and spraying that goes into collision repair, these unpainted areas will suffer from unsightly overspray. The unintended paint will need to be removed

3. Panel Gaps

Modern automakers have done wonders to create panels that fit nice and tight with only the smallest gaps in between. Sometimes, auto body shops fail to weld panels on properly, electing to use glue instead, which is the quickest way to end up with wide gaps between the panels that are an easy indicator the vehicle has been involved in a collision in the past.  Check the gaps in any repaired areas to make sure they match those on the rest of your car, and do make sure that the doors, hood and truck all close nice and snug.


4. Electronic Problems

Cars are notoriously complex under the hood.  If a technician has not been trained properly or is careless, there can be problems with reassembly. A wire that has not been reconnected properly can lead to problems with electronic doors and windows or with keyless entry and ignition systems. As soon as you get your vehicle back from the body shop, check to make sure there are no check engine lights or airbag lights illuminated and that its systems are working properly. You will have a better time with your insurance company, and getting the car fixed by a more reputable body shop, if you can spot these problems now rather than later.


5. Wheel Alignment

This one can take some time to realize anything is the matter, as a car with a slightly bad alignment can drive as normal until the tires start to exhibit funny tread wear patterns. A bad wheel alignment can be simply carelessness by the technician that completed repairs, but can also be the most telling symptom of lingering suspension or frame damage that was left unchecked after major repairs. When you drive and take your hands off the wheel, does the car track straight and true, or does it pull to the side? If it pulls to one side, the wheels may just need to be aligned, but you could also be looking at a much more costly issue that could require major repairs in the hands of better-skilled technicians.

New Look Collision of Las Vegas takes pride in each and every auto body repair job we take on. Whether you have just been involved in a car wreck or victimized by another body shop turning in less-than-stellar work, we make it our business to get your car back on the road good as new.

Our state-of-the-art repair and paint facilities mean you will never have to deal with problems like color matching issues, and our technicians are perfectly happy to fix the mistakes of other body shops that took a more rushed approach.