Exotic and Luxury Auto Body Repair

Porsche Auto Body Repair ShopNew Look Collision Center specializes in Exotic and Luxury Auto Body Repair.

Investing in a luxury automobile is unlike any other investment that you will make during your lifetime. Your exotic car raises your profile, provides you with premium comfort, and maintains its market value in ways that are superior to mid-level vehicles. However, these kinds of benefits will slowly fade over time if your vehicle does not receive the proper care. From basic maintenance to major repairs, luxury vehicles require expertise and attention to detail when they are in mechanical need. Anything less results in mediocre care that ultimately degrades the vehicle over time.

Exotic and Luxury Auto Body Repair

Owners of luxury vehicles of all makes and models need a repair shop that specializes in sophistication so that they can be sure that their investment remains protected. New Look Collision Center is the only name in the area that qualifies as this kind of certified, auto-body shop. Whether you are in need of collision repair, paint restoration, or dent removal, these experts have the experience and the equipment that is needed to do the job right the first time.

Your average shop is not often prepared to deal with vehicles of the highest quality immediately and on-the-spot. Aston Martins, Maserati, Lotus, and Ferrari require for expert handling and specialized equipment. Additionally, the equipment being used to conduct the work must pass all of the industry certifications. On top of industry-leading service, New Look Collision delivers service with a smile and the highest amount of reassurance backing their work. When your luxury vehicle is ready to make its way back onto the roads, it should do so with a seamless finish that leaves no minor detail unattended.

Certified Mechanics

While this shop has the ability to tackle the most complex of repair jobs at competitive pricing, there is no job that is too small by comparison. Their comprehensive service is designed to keep luxury drivers happy regardless of their needs. Accomplished technicians who maintain their certification over time are led and directed by managers who take a great deal of pride in the service that they deliver. This team of professionals represents the best automotive care that is available in the area.

On top of offering the best service for new and luxury vehicles, this location is more than competent when it comes to restoring classic autos as well. For instance, their most recent location in Nevada completely restored the paint job for a 69′ Chevy Camaro with standards that exceed those of the most ardent collector. From towing and rental services to repair for every cherished automobile in the state, New Look Collision Center is the only name that you will need in your address book in order to ensure the best care possible for your ride. Since 2004, this group of automotive professionals has led the way forward for automotive repair in the Southwest. Their premier mechanics are ASE and I-Car Platinum Certified. With insurance contracts between 14 major companies, drivers can maintain strict confidence in their care.

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