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Mike, the owner of New Look Collision Center,  has seen a lot of advancement in vehicle manufacturing over the years which means when it comes to managing the constant training and new equipment needed for a Las Vegas auto collision center, to be “Class A rated” there are always new things to stay on top of.

“We just came back from Washington D.C. where we do all of our Audi collision repair training.  As an example, an Audi R8 which costs over $200,000 is all aluminum and high strength steel.

Most shops can’t even work on this car because they don’t have the tools, but we do. This vehicle can’t just go into a mom and pop collision repair shop in Las Vegas and get it fixed.”

We Are Equipped For All Foreign and Domestic Vehicles

Don’t just think the equipment at New Look Collision Center is only meant for dream machines though. Much of the equipment required to work on Audi’s, Ferrari’s, or Lamborghini’s, is also used on your Ford and Chevy. In a similar manner of getting a printout for a wheel alignment, we can do a printout from our frame machines. “It’s all precision electronic measuring so we can do extremely accurate printouts so we know your car is within factory specs. You couldn’t do that back in the old days. You’d have to take someone’s word that the frame was now fixed!”

Whereas, a “Class A” certified shop like New Look Collision Center is required to provide proof of ongoing annual training needed to keep up with the rapidly changing metals and repair technologies of newly made vehicles. Nevada law requires that our “Class A” Hendersoncollision repair center possess all of the proper equipment necessary to restore a wrecked vehicle’s structural integrity back to factory safety standards in order to receive this coveted designation.

We have certified welders on staff with an inverter welder. (Duplicates factory type spot welds.) Not all Las Vegas Collision Repair Shops have these type of capabilities  We have paint booths for factory type paintwork with baking capabilities, a computer assisted frame rack and wheel alignment rack on premises, as well as written Limited Lifetime Warranties.


Auto Collision Repair shop Las Vegas“I think that’s why I like this trade. The customer comes in, the car is all banged up, they’re frustrated, and then they pick their car up and they’re so happy. They have a smile on their face and they drive away happy. I think it’s that satisfaction that drives us to do a good job and make that customer smile. It’s a good feeling and sense of accomplishment as you take something that’s totally destroyed and you’ve made it pretty much new again.”


We offer auto body repair for all foreign and domestic vehicles, including the following brands:

Domestic Vehicle

Import Vehicles

European Vehicles

Exotic Vehicles



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