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The Underappreciated Art of Auto Body

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Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t really know the difference, the competency and the masterful skill involved in body repair versus car repair.  Mechanics confess that auto body repair is a different type of repair altogether; one that is practically an art form that only comes from years of experience and discipline.

Red Metal Sculpture

At dealerships, your mechanic diagnoses car problems and faulty parts beneath the hood or under the car, then repairs those problems and replaces parts.

Auto body work, however, is a craft unto its own.  Even the most minute imperfection ruins the whole work of art. And, the only metric that matters is whether you love what you see when your car comes off the auto body lot.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

The delicate precision afforded by of expensive equipment such as Celette benches can re-assemble a car after a crash within just one millimeter (1mm) of its original shape; operating within the same, slim margin of error as factory-original bodywork.

Take apart a car

Disassembling a car for inspection on factory-quality Celette benches.

Even the naked eye, fully-trained, could not spot the difference between a Mercedes Benz repaired on a Celette Bench versus factory-direct.  If a local auto body shop is as outfitted as New Look Collision with advanced equipment and master technicians, it can repair a dented fender as meticulously as a factory assembly line in Detroit, MI.

Unlike factory assembly lines, though, no two car accidents are identical.

No Two Snowflakes Look Alike

Danger lurks around almost every corner while you drive. Nobody can predict where or when car damage will occur, yet a body shop must be capable of rebuilding any and all damage to the auto body.

car crash

In order to come up with an accurate estimate of how many scenarios that includes, imagine how many make and model of cars drive on our roads.  Now, imagine the infinite number of ways a car can get hit, scratched, dented or damaged.

Auto Body Artists

Consider your auto body specialists at New Look Collision as artists.  They are metal sculptors. Their canvas? Your car.

A hundred years after wonderous metal artworks like the Eifel tower were built, the skill required to sculpt metal still impresses . Metal isn’t exactly the most cooperative of artistic mediums.   A car’s unibody frame is almost always made from steel.  Car panels are made from aluminum, carbon fiber or fiberglass.

Silver Scrap Metal Art


Famous metal works of art such as Calder’s Flamingo and The Chicago Picasso (by Picasso) move us, not just for the aesthetic value, but also the high degree of skill required to make them.

Tin art began in Mexico as folk art known as hojata.  Over time, tin art has become a staple of interior design and contemporary art.  Nowadays, artists will recycle anything from soda cans to Altoid containers for sculpture.   A glance through Pinterest shows you just how creative artists get with metal work.

Auto body repair is similar in that it requires tremendous skill to restore a car to its original condition before a car accident.

But, auto body repair doesn’t end with reshaping the unibody frame, bumper or door panels,  it’s also about painting.

Auto Body Painters

Auto makers have a ‘standard’ paint colors, but ‘standard’ paint can have 13 separate alternatives across paint brands!

Autobody Paint Color With such enormous variability, it might seem impossible to match paint color. Not for the experienced auto body artists and painters at New Look Collision Centers.  Where the painters refuse to cheap out on thin paint layers, and only apply thick paint that blends seamlessly with the undamaged parts of the car.

Auto body repair requires soul and artistic wit. Drivers do not think of their body shop in poetic terms, but with the sculpting, precision and painting involved how could you not?

It’s just evident that what a mechanic does underneath the hood of a car is less precise than what an auto body technican must create on the exterior.

When you’ve been in a car accident, it is no fun giving up your car for a week or two for repair, however New Look Collision stands by its promise that your car will literally look like it rolled off the showroom floor brand new when you have it repaired by our artists.  For a free quote, send in your estimate request here.

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