Auto Body Paint Repair Services

Has your car’s exterior suffered damage from an accident, vandalism or extreme weather?
New Look Collision Center’s paint job will get your car’s exterior back to showroom new.

Our Paint Repair Process

Auto Body Paint Technician, Doug Reyes, will tell you priming, sanding, painting, sealing and polishing has various degrees of attention to detail and expertise. Doug says a lot of sandpaper scratches in vehicles can be seen if the primer isn’t sanded properly – he’s seen paint jobs with no sealer!

New Look Collision Center uses a top of the line AkzoNobel Sikkens vehicle refinishes system. Why? It is a recognized leader of automotive OEM coatings, providing technologically sophisticated and environmentally responsible coatings and…

  • A basecoat is the coating layer providing color and aesthetic effects. It must provide uniform appearance for many years without fading. When it comes to some fancy paint jobs (micas, aluminum flakes and other particles), they will all affect pigmentation.
  • They can be incorporated in one basecoat layer or in a separate layer (for example in two-tones). If two basecoat layers are used, the sandwich with the clearcoat is called a tri-coat topcoat. One such example is the “pearl” paint that gives your vehicle just a touch of sparkle down the road.
  • Powder clearcoat technology for OEM paint shops is emission free and is based on Acrylic binder chemistry. These primers have become standard for some OEM manufacturers providing protection while preparing the surface for top-coating without the use of solvents.
  • For Sikkens powder products the main properties of its clearcoat are smooth and glossy surfaces. This helps produce excellent resistance against weathering, chemicals and scratches. The acrylic binders ensure OEM requirements such as weathering stability.

Auto Body Paint Repair Done Right

New Look Collision Centers have their own paint shops for that perfect match. We mix our own paint. We take the paint code off the car and we even have a camera to capture something as small as a bubble gum wrapper and match the color.  That’s how advanced its gotten. In the old days, you’d have two different panels with two different colors – you don’t really see that anymore.”

Unlike discount auto body shops, where a vehicle is washed, taped and spray-painted, the auto body painting repair process at New Look Collision Center is very different:

  • We take the whole car apart
  • We take out all the glass, molding and even the car handles in addition to the car doors and front and back bumpers
  • We mirror the same process as would be performed at the auto manufactory
  • We then put the car back together, buff, polish, and detail it so the car looks brand new.

Why Do We Use AkzoNobel Sikkens?

Paint Shop GarageA reason why New Look Collision Center uses the Sikkens vehicle refinishes system is because it is a industry leading premimum brand of tri-coat application in both solvent-borne and waterborne basecoat & topcoats. They offer complete color palettes in those basecoats.

AkzoNobel also works closely with trade professionals from automotive manufacturers and insurance companies and collision centers world wide.

The Clearcoat comes next, forming the last layer of protection against the environment. It must be resistant to environmental etch, bird droppings, car washes and other, nuanced zeroing in on your ride.

The clearcoat in combined with the basecoat and forms an automotive topcoat. Sikkens Automotive Systems is a leading global supplier of topcoats in the worldwide automotive industry.

The clearcoat in combination with the basecoat forms an automotive topcoat. SIkkens Automotive Systems one of the only coating supplier covering virtually every type of clearcoat system.

It’s the leading global supplier of topcoats in the worldwide automotive industry and why our auto body paint jobs are the best in town.

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