Audi S3 Five New Colors

New Look Auto Body Paint

Audi S3 Super Limited Edition

Autobody Paint Color

New Auto Paint as Shiny as Gumball Shells

We can hop into any form of time machine and rediscover the days when we were easily excited by the notion of new. New toys, new friends, new shoes, you name it. Throw in vibrant variety of color and it was game over. There is something about color that grabs hold of you. Think from the waxy colors of new crayons to the shiny shell of gumballs in the machine. Those delightful, happy colors got our engines going even then.

Audi seems to rev up those similar senses with its new Audi S3 Super Limited Edition. The line includes five fabulous paint colors that pack the punch of a perfectly-placed rainbow.

The entire Audi lineage has remained fast and furious since creation. It will always be a speedy, sporty, luxurious brand. With the S3 Limited Edition, Audi just added bold fun with five new colors. It’s like having a handful of your favorite candies in five flavors.

Audi S3 Paint Choices

Vegas Yellow is a color that lets you scream: jackpot! Fetching a price tag to complement the custom paint job, the cost of this jewel is $59,900. The beauty of every Audi extends far beyond the exterior. Enthusiasts as well as fans from afar will find the staple of interior class with Fine Nappa Leather Package that drapes the seats, door armrests, knee pads, steering and other controls. There is literally comfort at every fingertip.

Viper Green is deadly on the road and invigorating to the eyes. It is a legitimate, envy-worthy champion of sporty, classy commuting. It also boasts the Audi class and comforts of cross-stitching leather interior that allows satisfaction to permeate throughout the vehicle. $59,900 and you could own this clean green driving machine.

Glut Orange has the name that says it for you. The more you see it, the more you want it. True eye candy with the unique tinge of tangy orange that prompts you to pucker up. It too brings the total prestige, price, and product perfect for the Audi aficionado. The one boasting this fruit does so from custom S Sport leather seats with a 19-inch ultimate Performance Package.

Sepang Blue is the mysterious, true blue. You can’t quite put your finger on which spectrum it suits best on the blue hue scale. There is no question that it is true to the standard of stability, quality and esteem that build the Audi brand. You won’t mind the only minus you’ll find between this and the other colors is that price dips to $57,250.

Red Cars and Red Auto PaintMisano Red stops traffic in its tracks. It is a fierce force of fun that is hard to go unnoticed. The buck stops with this power on wheels at $57, 250. Like the twenty-four others in the Special Edition lineup, owning one pampers you with contrast stitching, sport leather seats and fully-bound leather interior controls. Driving one puts you on target for an unforgettable experience.

A car at any point in life is symbolic of a state of independence. Everything about the car from the model and mileage to the color and comfort of the vehicle wears a badge of your compliance. If the windshield of cars could bulletin board a message, the Audi message would display privilege, preparation and pride. With any selection from the Audi S3 Super Limited Edition your message is suave and sweet. It speaks without saying a word. Heads will turn. Eyes will smile. Mouths will drop. Each time you drive away giving a nod: you’re welcome.