6 Simple Car Maintenance Tips [Guest Post]

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Your car is one of the most valuable assets that you can be proud of. It is a symbol of both wealth and personality. Owning a car is used not only to symbolize one’s prestige, but it is also a helpful tool that one can use to go from one place to another. Along with all these benefits is a tremendous responsibility.

You have a responsibility to know the traffic rules and respect the other drivers as well. For this reason, it is just right to do what you can to make it look good all the time. It is also important to ensure that all of its parts are working. This is necessary for your safety and the safety of other people as well.


It is important to check your tires regularly. You should check for any signs of pressure, cracks, and bulges. Defective tires are dangerous on the road. It is advisable to check your car’s pressure at least once a week. Furthermore, remember to check your tire’s pressure when your tires are not hot. Hot tires provide a false reading.

Check your car’s manual to see the right tire pressure for your car. A correct tire pressure makes gripping and braking more efficient. It will also lessen your fuel consumption and lengthens the tires’ life.

However, a high tire pressure reduces brake and stability. It also wears your tires faster.


There are times that you have to check and replace your wipers. Replacing the wiper blades are easy. You just have to lift the wiper blades just like when you’re cleaning your car. Look how the blades are attached to the wiper. Take note of the placement of the edges, and remove them.

Sometimes, there are car models that have a tab that permits the release of the blade from the wiper. The tab is located under the wiper, and you just have to push it to remove the blade.


Oil serves as a lubricant of your car. It plays a major role in avoiding friction in your vehicle’s parts. Friction in your engine results to car overheat, which you don’t like to happen. Your car’s oil wears out and becomes inefficient over time. For this reason, it is just right to check the oil after running for 3000 to 10000 miles.

It is advisable to use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is a purified kind of oil. It cleans your engine while lubricating it at the same time. Synthetic oil can become a protective barrier while your engine parts are moving in contact with each other.

Replacing your car’s oil is easy. However, it may get you dirty. You have to go under your car and drain the old oil.  You also have to go to your car’s engine to replace the old oil. You can check the level of the oil by putting a dipping stick to it.


Every car has a different indication when you have to replace your brake pads. It is important always to check your brakes for obvious reasons. However, it is not easy to change your brake pads especially if it’s your first time to do this.

If you think you are not confident enough to change your brake pad, ask a professional to do it for you. Replacing the brake pads is a delicate procedure. A little mistake can lead to future accidents.

Dents and scratches

Cars are expensive. Dents and scratches are something that you don’t want to see on your car; you did not buy it so it could be an eyesore to other people. You have to go to a professional auto repair shop to get rid of your car’s dents and scratches.

Spark Plugs

Check your car’s manual to know the right time to replace the spark plugs. Some of the signs that your spark plugs need replacement are your engine misfires, fuel-consuming, engine surges, and trouble starting the car.

As you can see, changing your spark plugs is as important as changing the brake pads of your car. Proper maintenance of spark plugs prevents future accidents and car problems.

Sometimes, you have to take out some of your money to do the proper maintenance of your car. For example, if you are not knowledgeable on how you will remove the dents and scratches on your car, you may need a professional who will do it for you. However, if you properly maintain your car, you will realize that your spent money is worth it.

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