woman who noticed damage on her car and needs auto scratch repair

4 Things to Consider When You Get Auto Scratch Repair

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woman who noticed damage on her car and needs auto scratch repair

It seems a law of the universe that your car’s paint attracts damage in inverse proportion to its age. That is, the newer, more pristine the paint, the more power it has to attract shopping carts, keys, other car doors, stiff shrubs, bumpers and dog claws. Minor scratches to the clear coat often require little more than a polishing to rectify, but if your car suffered deeper paint wounds, you may wish to have them professionally repaired. Since you’ll have dozens of shops to choose from, you should look for the place that will do the best work for a reasonable price. These four tips will help guide your decision.

1. Understand Your Auto Scratch

First, determine if your scratch, or scratches, are merely surface mars or if they penetrate the clear coat. To do this, rub it hard with a finger. If the rubbed spot regains its paint color, it was probably a superficial layer of someone else’s paint applied by a light kiss of the other car. This can be buffed off, and no repair is necessary. However, if you can feel the gouge with a fingernail and can see white in the scratch trench, you need to fix it before the damage metastasizes, especially if the damage is bone deep to the bare metal, where rust will blossom and corrode the panel.

2. Check the Auto Scratch Repair Shop’s Reputation

With so many shops advertising auto body repair, don’t waste your time with any that aren’t listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website. From there, rule out those that are rated less than A. Of course, an A+ rating is best, but keep in mind that every great business will have customers from time to time who just cannot be appeased even when the shop bends over backwards to make them happy. So don’t be alarmed if you see some complaints on their profile; just understand that they took care of them as best they possibly could, which is why their rating is A or better.

Also, solicit input from your circle of family and friends. If they recommend a company and that shop is well rated on the BBB or Angie’s List, put it on your short list of locations to visit for an estimate.

3. Check for Professional Certifications

Pick a shop that is competent in restoring your car to its factory-new condition. When you see diplomas from trade schools and membership in, and completed advanced coursework from, ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) and I-Car (the Inter-Industry ASE Conference on Auto Collision Repair), then you know the owners take pride in their craft and can effect quality, long-lasting repairs.

4. Ask for a Detailed Explanation of the Work to Be Performed

Well, first, you might want to research what all goes into a top-notch auto scratch repair. If your intent is a perfect, permanent repair, you want to avoid a mere touch-up-and-good-to-go plan, something you could do yourself for the price of your next lunch and in the time it takes to eat it. So ask for a detailed written description of the process and any warranty they may offer. Make sure they have the tools necessary to perfectly match the paint.

When you want you car’s paint restored to a factory finish with a lifetime warranty and a healthy serving of great customer service, come to New Look Collision and check us out. We are happy to show you our facility and explain exactly what we do. Please contact us today for a free estimate or to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly staff.