benefits of paintless dent removal

4 Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal and Repair

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benefits of paintless dent removal

Your day was going just fine and then, Bam! Just like that, you got a dent in your previously perfect vehicle. Upset is a weak word to describe how you feel as adrenaline surges through your body. You take pride in your vehicle and want it to look the best that it can and now you’re faced with a repair. Did you know that there are some benefits of paintless dent removal that may make it the best solution for you to get everything back to how it was before? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Differences Between Conventional Dent Removal and Paintless Dent Removal

There is quite a difference between traditional dent repair and paintless dent removal (PDR).

With traditional dent removal, the paint in the affected area is sanded down; the crunched metal pounded into place and any areas that aren’t smooth are filled in with putty. After that, the area must be sanded, primed, given a base coat of paint and then a final coat. Over a week later, and a thousand dollars of work, you’re ready to go.

In contrast, PDR focuses on the outside surface of your vehicle, where the dent occurred. The damage is pushed and pulled back to where it should be. The surface of the area is inspected using a straight light tool. This ensures that everything is straight and smooth. The price for this procedure is considerably lower than traditional dent repair and typically only takes a day to accomplish.

Advantages of Paintless Car Dent Removal

You’re sure to be pleased with the many benefits you will enjoy from PDR. You can expect a more original vehicle, better prices, a shorter repair time and environmentally friendly procedures.

Restores Car to Original Quality. This is especially if you’re needing auto body repairs for a new or luxury vehicle; you’re not real keen on significant alterations being done to your vehicle. You worry that it won’t look like it did before or that the paint color will be off. With PDR, small alteration needs to happen, keeping your vehicle as close to how it was before your dent as possible. This will also help to keep your vehicle’s resale value higher.

Cost-Effective. Especially for car dents that are around one inch deep and are easy to get to, the cost of repair is very cost effective with PDR. Prices can be higher or lower depending on the nature of your dent and where you live.

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Reduces Repair Time. 
Simply put, there are fewer steps needed to complete PDR as compared to conventional options. There’s also no reason to wait for paint and primers to dry. Often, you can get your vehicle back the same day that you drop it off. Your vehicle is back and working for you a week or more before the old style of doing dent repair.

Environmentally Friendly. Another great perk of PDR is that it’s easy on the environment. There are no toxic chemicals, solvents or paints released into the environment like there are when traditional means are employed. PDR will do your vehicle, wallet, and the world a big favor.

Does Your Car Qualify for Paintless Dent Repair?

You might be a good candidate for PDR if your dent did not compromise the paint finish of your vehicle. Dents that are on the edges of your vehicle may be difficult to use PDR on as well as chrome or metal bumpers and fuel doors. It’s always best to seek out a local auto body repair shop to get an expert opinion. Contact New Look Collision today, (702) 564-2220, to discuss how we can assist with your auto body repairs.