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Volkswagen or “VW”was founded in 1937 in Wolfsburg, Germany. Dubbed “The People’s Car”, Volkswagens were manufactured to provide the average German with an affordable car. The company shut down production during WWII. After end of the war, the British restarted the company as part of their efforts to rebuild the German economy.

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In the United States, Volkswagen was first introduced in the 1950’s about the same time the Las Vegas strip was born. However, the car’s German connection and oddly rounded shape made consumers reluctant to embrace it, and sales were slow. In 1959, an advertising agency launched a campaign renaming the car as “The Beetle”. Sales quickly increased, and the Volkswagen VW Beetle became one of the top selling foreign cars in America. The 1960’s and 70’s saw the introduction of new Volkswagen models such as the Karmman Ghia, the Rabbit, and the Golf. Today, Volkswagen continues to be one of the top-selling foreign cars in Las Vegas. If your VW needs an auto body repair from a fender bender to a serious automobile collision, be sure to contact our Las Vegas auto body shop, or if you live in Henderson visit our Henderson auto body shop.

Here are some current VW’s on the Vegas Roadways

Beetle: Volkswagen revamped their classic model in 1998, bringing its design more up-to-date. It’s also available as a convertible. Although the Beetle’s shape is iconic, other Volkswagen models have surpassed it in sales.

Jetta: First introduced in 1979, the Jetta is a four door sedan that gets excellent gas mileage. It is now available in a hybrid model that gets 48 mpg on the highway.

Passat: The Passat’s stylish and family-friendly design have made it into Volkswagen’s best selling model in the United States. It was first manufactured in 1973 and is currently in its sixth generation.

Golf: Originally sold as the Volkswagen Rabbit, the Golf is Volkswagen’s most well-known hatchback. It has a reputation for being both affordable and fun to drive. The GTI variant is designed as a sportier version of the Golf.

Touareg: Volkswagen introduced the Touareg, their first SUV, in 2002. The Touareg is Volkswagen’s most expensive model, and it is also available in a clean diesel model.

Eos: The Eos is Volkswagen’s only hardtop convertible. It was first sold in 2006 as a replacement for the Golf Cabriolet.

VW’s are known for their safety and high-quality German engines. The unique designs have made several models famous icons of pop culture. The classic Beetle has become a collector’s item, you can them in many weekend car shows around Las Vegas and Henderson so the Volkswagen enthusiasts gather at shows to see them live. It was also featured in Disney’s “Herbie” films and the animated “Cars”. Both the Beetle and the discontinued Volkswagen Bus became symbols of the hippie movement in the 1960’s because of their unique design and affordability. If your VW is slightly dented or involved in a collision let our Class A auto body shop get it back on the Vegas valley roadways.

Volkswagen has won the World Car of the Year award four times. Drivers love the car’s durability, superior handling, and stylish design. The current models are fuel efficient and are available at affordable prices. Their hybrid and clean diesel options show Volkswagen’s commitment to creating green cars of the future. 

If you live in the Las Vegas valley and need auto body work done on your Volkswagen, you should check out New Look Collision Center. We provide ASE certified car repair services using the most up-to-date equipment. Whether your Volkswagen has been in an accident or just needs a new coat of paint, New Look will get it back to peak condition.